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Email Security Service

Get an innovative, advanced, and multi-layered solution against the full range of email-borne risks so that you can have a secured inbox and email communication. 


What Implications Can A Lack Of Email Security Cause?

Every company and every person use emails as a means of communication which is why is it the most preferred method of inflicting a cyberattack.

Email Security Service

Phishing Threat 

• By a phishing email, an attacker can steal login and other personal data or infect the computer with malware by getting a user to click on a malicious link or open an infected attachment.

• Cybercriminals can then gain additional access to the network through this and steal sensitive information or launch other attacks.

Payment Frauds

Payment Frauds 

• Nowadays, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and related scams are becoming increasing popular. These pretend to be a senior executive of a company.

• Under the guise of closing a deal or paying a vendor invoice, these emails direct an employee to send money to a specific account resulting in money frauds.

Cloud Email Threat

Cloud Email Threat

• With cloud computing, the popularity of cloud-based email and document sharing services like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 has given cybercriminals new attack avenues to exploit. 

• You can get a phishing email looking like a shared document. The attacker will get your credentials once you enter them to access it and steal your data stored in the cloud.

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attacks

• 90% attacks happen through a phishing emails as they are difficult to spot. By clicking on a phishing email, attacks can distribute ransomware to your systems.

• All of the files on infected computers are encrypted by a ransomware attack, which demands payment to decrypt the files. A full recovery is not guaranteed, even if the ransom is paid.

So, What Are the Advanced Email Security Solutions? 

iBovi’s email security features are an ideal solution to assist you in staying a step ahead of email-borne threats. Adopt these proactive email security measures for a secured inbox. 

advanced email security
Spam Filters

Spam Filters

Block spam emails that clog your inbox with 99% accuracy. Segregate important marketing emails from spam by getting spam alerts.

​Identify Phishing Emails

​Identify Phishing Emails

90% of attacks happen via email, stop them. Get alerts for potentially malicious emails.

Define Email Policies

Define Email Policies

Regulate control of work emails so that email can be used to send and receive only essential information

Scan Attachments

Scan Attachments, Data Encryption

​Attachments can contain malware. Get all attachments scanned for malware and receive alerts for unsafe files. Often crucial data like credentials, and account details, are sent via email. Encrypt your outgoing emails

Email Security Solutions

Hear About Us From Our Customers

Customers have put their invaluable trust in us, and their feedback speaks for us. 

" From my experience, I should say that it is surprising to see how effectively iBovi Strategic Cybersecurity can achieve to provide an excellent experience to their customers with limited resources in time. They go beyond their expectation and deliver further than what others do. Love it. "

Rob Mcguine
(Sr Product Manager)

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Robust Email Security Solutions For Everyone 

Cyberattacks can target all email users, including individuals and companies. Email users can be a victim of dangers like data exfiltration, malware, phishing, and spam without an email security plan in place.

Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity  

Lessen potential operational hiccups and downtime brought on by a cyberattack by putting in place a robust email security solution.

Eliminate Spam

Eliminate Spam 

Spam emails can not only be dangerous and annoying but they also affect productivity. Get spam email prevention with accuracy so you don’t miss out on trusted senders’ emails.

Phishing Protection


Get protection from phishing attacks that can be extremely dangerous. They can persuade anyone to click links/download files that could be harmful, expose confidential information, or steal credentials.


Count On iBovi For a Secured Inbox 

One of the most popular and well-established platforms for communication is email. But it can also present security threats and risks. iBovi’s Solutions for Email Security control the risk that they pose.  


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