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iBovi Hiring Policy


iBovi Strategic Security as an organization believes in hiring capable and qualified candidates to fill positions. Each employee is a valuable resource for our company and is employed after they have successfully met the criteria as well as any skill tests and subsequent interview rounds as stated below. The following hiring policy serves iBovi Strategic Security's recruitment efforts and initiatives to find candidates who are the best fit for a role. The hiring policy aims at clarifying the company’s stance on equal opportunity for all, whilst maintaining the transparency of our hiring procedures.

Statement of Equal Inclusion

iBovi Strategic Security is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace with a commitment to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or gender identity, or Veteran status. At iBovi Strategic Security, we're dedicated to developing a team that is more reflective of the people we serve and fostering an inclusive workplace.

Hiring Process and Procedures

Intake Meetings

The recruitment team arranges a meeting with the hiring manager to conduct an intake meeting prior to posting a job opening. The requirements and the profile of the ideal candidate are put up for discussion and a recruitment strategy is planned to meet the requirements of all the key stakeholders.

Job Postings

The recruitment team will create job postings that briefly describe the job opening and communicate iBovi Strategic Security's brand. The recruitment department publishes the opening on whichever platform is suitable for the role. Jobs will remain posted until the position is filled. The recruitment department is responsible for tracking all applicants and retaining applications and resumes as required.

Understanding Eligibility To Apply

Candidates are requested to read the full job description very carefully before deciding whether they have the skills, qualifications, and experience that we are looking for. At iBovi Strategic Security we aim to recruit the best persons to fill our vacancies, i.e. those candidates that most closely match the skills, competencies, and required experience set out in the job description. To be short-listed for an interview, you will need to demonstrate how you meet all of the main criteria listed in the job description

Interview Process

All applicants for a posted vacancy will be considered based on their qualifications and ability to perform the job successfully. The recruitment department and the hiring manager will screen applications and resumes prior to scheduling interviews. Initial interviews are generally conducted by the recruitment department and the hiring manager using behavior-based interview questions and a structured interview process.

Candidate evaluation forms will be completed after each interview and retained with the application. The recruitment department will notify applicants who are not selected for positions at iBovi Strategic Security. Candidates may be asked to participate in competency-based job interviews. The number of interviews may vary by role and country. Interviews are a mix of phone calls, conference calls, and/or video interviews.

The candidates shortlisted based on the initial round of interviews with the recruitment department will be notified of the scheduled second round of interviews with the department manager. The department manager will conduct the interview based on the technical skills and relevant experience required to complete the role in question at iBovi Strategic Security.

Case 1 - Requirement of a skill assessment test.

Candidates selected based on the second round of interviews will then be asked to give a skill assessment test if required. Upon successful completion of the same, their applications will then have proceeded to the final round of interviews with the senior manager/managing director/operations director or all.

Case 2 - Skill assessment test not required.

In case the department decides to not conduct a skill assessment test for a particular role or position, the applications of candidates selected in the second round of interviews will directly proceed to the final round of interviews with the senior manager/managing director/operations director or all.

Reference Checks

The results of the applicant evaluation shall be well documented and submitted to the recruitment department and will be used by the recruitment department to determine which candidates to move forward with and who to verify their employment with. Each applicant must provide a minimum of three references from their place of employment if required.

Job Offers

After a decision to hire a candidate has been made, an offer will be given subject to the successful completion of any background checks and tests that are necessary. Depending on the role, background checks may contain records of prior employment, criminal history, credit history, driving history, or any other information pertinent to the position.


Candidates will receive a final employment offer if the recruitment department receives positive outcomes from all required background checks and exams. The company reserves the right to retract an offer of employment if it is not accepted by an applicant within 7 calendar days.

Personnel Requisitions

Personnel requisitions are initiated by the department supervisor/manager, approved by the division senior manager, and then forwarded to the recruitment department. The requisition includes the following information.

  • Job title, working hours/shifts.

  • The position's exempt or nonexempt status.

  • The opening's justification.

  • Essential job duties and requirements with a job description.

  • Any specific directions for recruiting advertising shall also be provided.

Career Advancement

I. Women Restarting Their Career

We encourage everyone to apply for the open positions, including women looking to restart their careers. We have supported migrant families of the Afghanistan and Ukraine crises who moved to the US and Canada through employment, especially women belonging to these families. We believe in equal rights and equal opportunities to work.

II. College/University Students

For students, iBovi Strategic Security offers tuition fee reimbursement and assistance for student loan repayment as a part of the benefits package. This is based on a predefined understanding and if the employee successfully meets the eligibility criteria for the same. Candidates requesting to avail of the benefit shall coordinate with and send the required documents to their immediate manager who shall further send the documents to the recruitment department. The recruitment department will review the documents and shall take the call.

Employee Benefits

I. Healthcare Support

iBovi Strategic Security is committed to offering a variety of benefits to support the health of our employees. Our employees in the USA and Canada can avail of the healthcare support.

II. Employee Development & Training

iBovi Strategic Security is dedicated to helping employees reach their professional aspirations, improve their level of personal job satisfaction, and accomplish team and department strategic goals. We offer orientation programs for new hires, as well as training and development for staff at all levels to improve performance and promote career advancement.

III. Remote Work

iBovi Strategic Security has implemented a remote work model. Employees at iBovi Strategic Security are eligible to work remotely from any location provided have proven discipline and self-motivation.

IV. Flexible Shifts

Employees must follow the work schedules provided to them. The eligibility for flexible shift hours varies based on the department and role. Employees need to be sure to meet deadlines, uphold high-quality standards, and submit required reports. While some flexibility is allowed, the employee must agree to work set hours as much as possible, five days a week. For a detailed clarification on Remote Work & Flexible Shifts (III & IV) check our Remote Work Policy here.

V. Travel & Accommodation

If our employees are required to make outstation trips for business development, such as client meetings provided the client has requested a physical meeting, the expenses are incurred by the company.

VI. Cell Phone Allowance

We offer a cell phone reimbursement stipend/cell phone allowance, which is a sum of money given to employees for them to purchase on their cell phone plans.

Modifications of Policy

This hiring policy was last updated on the date listed at the bottom of this Policy. iBovi Strategic Security reserves the right to change this hiring policy at any time. Any changes to this policy will be effective immediately upon notice, which may be provided to you by posting the latest version on the site. Be sure to review this hiring policy periodically to ensure familiarity with its most current version.

Questions/Further Clarifications

iBovi Strategic Security takes your concerns seriously. If you believe iBovi Strategic Security has not complied with this hiring policy, or have any other questions you may write to us at,

iBovi Strategic Security Inc. 7-2070 Harvey Ave. Unit #129 Kelowna, BC CANADA – V1Y 8P8,

Email us at

Or call us at +1844 We iBovi

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