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Why iBovi Penetration Testing

Penetration Tests are intrusive tests where a Certified Penetration Tester or ethical hacker, will try to break into everything


Customers Who Use Our Penetration Testing

Finding a Partner you trust, with the right people to do the job well, is a fundamental aspect of the whole process. Finding a Partner you trust, with the right people to do the job well, is a fundamental aspect of the whole process.


 Penetration Testing iBovi Offer


Network Services Test

Achieve security by focusing on locking  down your network


Web Application Test

Test and Lockdown your web based application and ensure its integrity 


Remote Access Sec Test

Test the integrity of your system remotely, and see what a remote attack can do.

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Social Engineering Test

Staffing & Consulting solutions to drive your Business forward.

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Physical Security Test

From the physical capabilities to the remote of your security sys


 Methods of Penetration Testing


Black Box

In a black box penetration test, no information is provided to the tester at all. The tester follows the approach of an unprivileged attacker, from initial access and execution through to exploitation. This scenario can be seen as the most authentic, demonstrating how an adversary with no inside knowledge would target and compromise an organization. However, this typically makes it the costliest option too.


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Gray Box

In a grey box penetration test, only limited info is shared with the tester, usually login creds. This helps to understand the level of access a privileged user could gain & the potential damage they could cause. Test is a balance between depth, efficiency & are be used to simulate either an insider threat or an exterior based attack, due to the balance this provides its often favored by customers. 


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White Box

White box penetration testing,  involves sharing full network and system information with the tester, including network maps and credentials. White box testing helps to save time and reduce the overall cost of an engagement. This testing method is useful for simulating a targeted attack on a system while we utilize as many attack vectors as possible.



What to Expect as an Outcome of Penetration Testing

We're one off the few companies that provide 91% guarantee in the accuracy of our results on our Penetration Testing service.

We one of the few service providers who provide money back guarantee if we violate our accuracy of finding. (Terms and conditions applied in specific scenarios)

We're one off the few companies with the largest list of penetration testing - Testcases Management System with over 1000 test cases to assess every nook and corner of an application.

We're one off the few companies which perform Application portfolio assessment prior to Penetration Testing.


Benefits of penetration testing

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Application portfolio assessment helps us determine the most potential attack vectors and helps determine the type of test cases required to perform an effective penetration testing.

We're one of the few companies that have an extended team of over 200 penetration testers around the globe.

We can limit penetration testing by region/location, by people with specific certification, experience & more.

This helps ensure every aspect of the application is penetration tested and ensures accuracy and guarantee for our customers.​

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Cybersecurity Automation and Orchestration