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It’s The Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Updated: Jan 15

Table of Contents

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • The Theme For Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • Key Points For The Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  • Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

  • National Cybersecurity Alliance

  • iBovi - Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

As threats to technology and private information become more frequent, the President of the United States and Congress has proclaimed October to be Cybersecurity Awareness Month since 2004. This initiative aims to assist people in protecting themselves online. Government and business are working together to increase cybersecurity awareness on a national and international level under the direction of the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Cybersecurity Awareness Month October 2022. Together Lets Make Better Cybersecurity A Reality
October 2022 Is The Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The Theme For Cybersecurity Awareness Month

See Yourself In Cyber

The slogan for this year's campaign, "See Yourself in Cyber," shows that although cybersecurity may appear to be a complicated topic, it ultimately comes down to people. In order to ensure that all individuals and organizations make informed decisions now and in the future, whether on the job, at home, or in school. This October will put a special emphasis on the "people" aspect of cybersecurity.

Whether you already work in cybersecurity, are a vendor or supplier, an infrastructure owner or operator, a student, a job seeker, or an individual who uses the internet for work, school, or entertainment, CISA will encourage Americans to "See Yourself in Cyber" throughout the month of October. CISA has also encouraged everyone to participate in this year's efforts by developing their own cyber awareness campaigns and disseminating this messaging among their peers.

Jen Easterly, director of CISA said that efforts are being made to deliver this message directly to the American people in October because everyone has a part to play in enhancing the cybersecurity of our country, regardless of whether someone is a network defender or just has an internet connection.

In order to keep Americans safe online, CISA will work with communities all over the nation to promote cyber hygiene, or simple but effective measures like enabling multi-factor authentication, using strong passwords and a password manager, identifying and reporting phishing, and promptly updating software. The ultimate goal is to bring about improved cybersecurity, or in his words, “make better cybersecurity a reality”.

Key Points For The Cybersecurity Awareness Month

It's critical for both individuals and businesses to comprehend how to prevent a data breach in a time when cyberattacks are on the rise. The purpose of October's Cybersecurity Awareness Month is to teach everyone how to stay safe online. The key points for Cybersecurity Awareness Month include -

See Yourself Taking Action To Stay Safe Online

Both individuals and families are urged to "See Yourself Taking Action To Stay Safe Online". For all of your sensitive accounts, you must enable multi-factor authentication, which means you need "More Than A Password!" Basic cyber hygiene practices include updating your software, thinking before you click, using good, strong passwords or a password manager, and following these instructions.

See Yourself Joining The Cyber Workforce

Anyone thinking about joining the online community is urged to “See Yourself Joining The Cyber Workforce”, thus joining and contributing to the industry. The aim of this action point is to create a cybersecurity workforce that is larger, more diverse, and committed to finding solutions that will help keep the American people safe with leaders from all over the nation.

See Yourself As Part Of The Solution

The partners in the industry are encouraged to “See Yourself As Part Of The Solution”. That entails putting operational collaboration into action, cooperating to share information in real-time, lowering risk, and establishing resilience from the outset to safeguard America's vital systems and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the country's cyber defense organization, is in charge of managing and reducing risk to the physical and digital infrastructure that Americans depend on 24 hours a day. In addition to collaborating to create a future infrastructure that is more secure and resilient, CISA works with partners to defend against threats that are present today.

National Cybersecurity Alliance

The National Cybersecurity Alliance is a nonprofit with the goal of building a more connected, secure world. They promote the responsible use of all technology and inform the public on the best ways to defend themselves, their families, and their organizations against online crime. To spread their message and promote a greater "digital" good, they establish powerful partnerships between governments and businesses.

iBovi - Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion

iBovi Cybersecurity is with the CISA and NSA to raise awareness about cybersecurity as we have always done. But this month of October, we are going above and beyond to do more than our bit and raise cybersecurity awareness. Cybersecurity is for the people and we want to make sure that our people know the importance of staying safe from cyber attacks. We are a Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champion Organization helping individuals and organizations.

As a cybersecurity service provider, we are committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve the maximum level of security and safety. We strive to ensure that through our services, we are able to protect crucial and sensitive data, provide privacy, and thus save individuals and organizations from becoming a victim of data breaches and other cyber attacks. We understand that becoming a victim comes at the cost of billions of dollars, reputation, and misuse of vital information. iBovi Strategic Security focuses on CyberSecurity at its heart and all our engagements are designed with Security. Schedule a call with us and learn more about how we are here to help you with all your requirements.


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