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It’s official: office vibes and company performance are correlated

Updated: Jan 27

Hybris Content Management System is a unique blend, well-integrated Content Management System that helps ensure Companies have the tools to host the most demanding customers with the most intuitive Customer interface & flexible system in the world. This also means the backend System has a number of interlinked components that should be customized to have the most secure host Management system. This makes Hybris prone to security attacks if not configured properly. For this reason it is highly recommended to perform Penetration Testing especially when payment processing has been enabled.

From the makers of iBovi Strategic Security, PwnUS provides the most effective Penetration Testing Service know in the market for Hybris CX websites. With knowledge about Hybris & its inter-related components, they have the most experience with Hybris Applications. With over 120 custom built Testing use cases which helps ensure all the components of the systems are pen tested in the most possible ways such as Broken Authentication, Injection Attacks, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), etc. PwnUS is definitely the most experienced Penetration Testing service available for Hybris CMS.

Additionally with the most widely available certified and professional Penetration Testers in the world with over 100 Penetration testers around the globe with various certifications such as OSCP(Offensive Security Certified Professional), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), PWK (Penetration Testing with KALI), LPT(EC-Counsel Licensed Penetration Testers), GIAC, GPEN, CISSP, CompTIA PenTest+, etc. Customers are able to choose the type of certified Professional & the region of preferences for Penetration Testing. PwnUS does not limit the number of Penetration Testers involved in engagement and helps ensures all possible vulnerabilities are exposed when performing Penetration tests. PwnUS is the most effective Penetration Testing service know in the market.

To conclude, there are a number of Penetration Testing services available in the market, however, there have proven to provide little to no value to customers. Typically they rely on one or two Penetration Testers who are limited to their abilities/skill set to identify vulnerabilities. Typically only 42% of all vulnerabilities are identified by Penetration testers on a typical engagement. In few cases they have identified over 60% of all vulnerabilities, however its unheard in the industry of any engagements with over 90% accuracy in the identification of vulnerabilities. PwnUS is the only Penetration Testing service provider who provides over 90% guarantee on engagements.

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