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Social Engineering attacks on Shopify Websites

Updated: Jun 18

Shopify is one of the best sources for beginner entrepreneurs. It helps to provide an eCommerce platform to these entrepreneurs whose aim is to build their online business to provide their online services. But here’s a catch.

These Shopify websites are the most vulnerable to some social engineering attacks. A Social Engineering technique is a process or a technique through which humans with bad intentions attack through malicious or viral files in the computer system of a company from the outside.

Talking about the vulnerabilities of these social engineering attacks; the aim of social engineering techniques may be large in number, which includes getting benefit from the company revenue, leaking some data, stealing some data, removing some data, getting ransom in return of making the Shopify website of the company working again (What is Social Engineering | Attack Techniques & Prevention Methods, 2020).

iBovi Strategic Security - Protects Your Shopify Websites

In such a case, our company, “iBovi Cyber Security” plays its parts and lets your Shopify websites refrain from getting into the nets of these vulnerabilities. Our company iBovi Cyber Security provides its wonderful product, which lets its customers use the unmatched testing services of the website security through their Penetration testing service, known as “PwnUS”.

First of all, the Penetration Test or a Pentest is a process through which the Shopify website under observation and consideration is tested that either the website is vulnerable to being attacked or is safe.

For such case, an intentional launch of malicious material or an intentional social engineering attack is launched with aim of finding the weaknesses in the security protocol, finding any sort of vulnerabilities in the system, making sure that the system is fully secure, and gaining the full control of the system was devastating such vulnerabilities.

The result determines that either the system is secure or not and the Pentest advise the system to either sustain their system as such or modify their system protocols (Approaching a Penetration Test Using Metasploit | Packt Hub, 2016).

Now there are quite a number of ways available in the market through which a penetration can be done. Some of them are done through some software that automates the process and some of them are a manual process of launching the malicious file attack on the website and the result is observed. The time process takes may vary from a few days to a few weeks too depending upon the software used (What Is Penetration Testing? What Is Pen Testing? 2020).

Why use PwnUS? The answer is simple and is divided into a number of facts;

  1. The time to perform the Pentest will be decided and allocated by the customer.

  2. The region upon which the Pentest should be performed is selected by the customer.

  3. The type of Pentester is also selected by the customer.

  4. After each Pentester will provide the results, PwnUS will analyze, validate, and perform the risk assessments to confirm the vulnerabilities of the website.

  5. PwnUS will provide the accuracy and guarantee of the Pentest report.


In conclusion, although there are a number of Penetration Testing Services available, besides PwnUS, none of these services provide a 91% guarantee nor do they provide customer identity protection. Additionally, there are very few bug bounty programs that aim at improving the skills of hackers. PwnUS is the only service available for Businesses to bring the best value to customers and hence is aimed at providing exceptional service.

A hacker in black hoodie carrying out a cyber attack with a warning saying 'You are not protected'
Protect yourself against cyberattacks before its too late


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