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Most Managed Service companies follow a similar methodology when providing a cost per service.

However, iBovi has packaged all our offerings to make a transparent and scalable module.

24 X 7 support on Managed Services

Incident Response

Staff Augmentation

Secure Software Development, Hosting & maintenance

91% Guarantee on Penetration Testing 

Regulatory Compliance


Risk Management 

Data Leak Protection

Business Intelligence 

Data Prevention System

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So, What Do We Offer? 

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Staffing and Consulting Services

Accelerator is a great way to narrow down the field when looking for people with technical skill. We here at iBovi help narrow down the talent pool for your inhouse IT staff. That way you get the best boots on the ground.

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Cybersecurity Services

where we offer everything from high tech automation, to custom plugins, and Penetration testing where we test for any security flaws that exist to keep your data safe.

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Managed IT Services

where we handle any onsite system reports, across many platforms including, IOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Google suite, emailing services, various video call platforms, File calibration. And we ensure that it runs smoothly while being secure.

Night Shift at Office
SDLC Services

where we integrate security testing and building secure plugins into our existing development process to build a custom system to keep your data secure. Including the use of automation to ensure seamless.​

“Cybersecurity Assessment Should be Considered a Fundamental Component of Your Risk Management Programme.”



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Staying  Ahead  of  the  Criminals

iBovi seamlessly integrates our IT management and security services so managing your security position provides a clear indication on where you stand against an ever-changing threat landscape. It’s how you can efficiently identify and address vulnerabilities before an attacker does without the headache.

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Minimize Your Risk 

iBovi helps you minimize, your business risks and the impact to your data by performing periodic Security assessments. iBovi focuses on providing confidentiality, integrity and availability to all managed platforms. By having seamless, integrated operations, iBovi is can have boots on the ground faster whenever there is an issue.

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Take Control of Your Infrastructure  

As technology evolves and your business grows, technical infrastructures become increasingly complex. It’s not uncommon for things to slip out of your control, or you might not have the relevant expertise to ensure that your controls are implemented the right way. This is where our management comes in. We don’t expect you to be an IT or security expert, and endure the work effort and skill that takes, let us do that for you.

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Because you Have to 

It goes without saying that security breaches are bad news, with potentially enormous impacts on your brand’s reputation and the financial repercussions. All of the tools above drastically reduce the risk of a breach, protecting the time and money invested in your organization as well as the confidence of existing and potential customers.

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Proven Track Record 

iBovi stands head and shoulders above the competition. We have a proven track record with multiple 5- star reviews, and we are known for keeping good company. The people of TD Bank, Morgan Stanley and others can sleep more soundly knowing that iBovi has their backs

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A Hands-on Approach  

We here at iBovi are more than just professionals, we are a partner to our clients. We believe in helping you not just through programs, and tech; but by being there when you need the human touch. You say the word, and we will have a man in your office faster than a 220 swift

“A cybercriminal doesn’t care how big or small your organization is: an easy target is an easy target.”