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Web Browsing Security Solution

With everything on the internet today, web browsing security solutions are crucial to stay safe online from web-borne threats and help stop unauthorized third-party activity while you browse the web. 

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Millions Of Web Browser Borne Attacks Happen Every Day

Web browser is most frequently used on computers and mobile devices. Attackers target the browser in order to either access the device itself and the files saved on it using web browser as a backdoor. There are many such challenges-

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DNS Attacks 
Malware Threats
SQL Injection
Phishing Threat


Phishing Threat

• Phishing threat is the most common web-borne threat in which attackers create fake websites assuming the identity of reputable organizations in order to obtain personal information. 

• By clicking on such suspicious links in search results or on a webpage, cybercriminals can gain additional access to the network allowing them to steal sensitive information or launch other attacks.


Malware Threats 

• Internet surfers can click on malicious sites that can install spyware on your device without your knowledge, giving unauthorized users control and stealing your data.

• Downloads from such malicious sites can also include viruses which can deliver various malicious programs to users’ computers


SQL Injection

• Structured Query Language (SQL), a programming language used to search and query databases is injected by attackers in common online form fields, like login boxes on websites compromising the security.  

• Millions of sites that use shared codebases can be vulnerable to hacking with SQL injection and if you click on such sites or own it, attackers can steal data, files and financial information. 


DNS Attacks 

• A DNS attack is an exploit in which attackers take advantage of domain name system (DNS) flaws. There are many DNS-based attacks which are very complex and exploit communications between clients and servers.

• DNS spoofing/hijacking, also known as DNS redirection, is a type of DNS attack in which users are unintentionally redirected to malicious websites.

IBovi Helps To Combat Web Security Threats

Web browsing security solutions keep devices safe by stopping web threats. Our cutting-edge solutions block access to phishing sites, malware vectors, exploit sites, and unreliable websites ensuring total protection.

Anti Phishing

Anti Phishing

Assesses and blocks suspected links on the website or in the search results.

Web Security Threats
Anti Malware

Anti Malware

Scans files and prevents downloading of suspicious ones by sending a security alert prior to the download.

Security For Plugins

Security For Plugins

Assesses and blocks unreliable plugins

Block Alleged Fake websites

Block Alleged/Fake Websites

Get a warning/alert if the website is not secured to guard against unintentional access to malicious websites.

Define Email Policies

Define Email Policies

Regulate control of internet usage by defining what kind of websites can be accessed on the devices to block inappropriate websites

Our Customer Testimonials 

At iBovi we believe in giving you the best service experience possible. See what our valued customers are saying about us.

" From my experience, I should say that it is surprising to see how effectively iBovi Strategic Cybersecurity can achieve to provide an excellent experience to their customers with limited resources in time. They go beyond their expectation and deliver further than what others do. Love it. "

Rob Mcguine
(Sr Product Manager)

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Safely Navigate The Web Without Any Risk

Cyberattacks can target all email users, including individuals and companies. Email users can be a victim of dangers like data exfiltration, malware, phishing, and spam without an email security plan in place.


omplete protection against all web-borne threats that can target you when you’re using the Internet like malicious websites, virus downloaders, and more.



Define your own security policies that allow you to control your device users from browsing through certain websites that could be potentially malicious.

Enhanced -Control


Our web browsing security solutions can be customized. You can easily add the number of devices you want to be secured and controlled from accessing malicious websites.

Customizable Plans

Be Safe On The Internet With iBovi 

Web browsing-based attacks are taking place every minute of every day while browsing the internet, downloading files online, visiting websites, etc. Secure yourself now.


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