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iBovi Solutions Library

iBovi has been delivering solutions to clients since 2009 in USA and Canada. We offer an impressive portfolio of professional consulting services that are completely customizable for your business. Whatever your needs may be, we can make it happen.

iBovi Solutions

iBovi builds Innovativ's solutions to ensure that you and your business are safe from the evil eye of black hat hackers.  

Partner Solutions

We don’t view ourselves as a simple peddler of goods. We are a partner, our goal is to be an asset to you and your company. This goes to the point where if we cannot help you we will find someone who can.  

iBovi Services

We are a big tent we have built ourselves as not just a cybersecurity company, rather we are a business builder. We offer services from security to staffing all to help our partners build their businesses.  


We don’t expect everyone to know everything, we know very well that asking for guidance is a form of wisdom. That is what we are here for, to be a guidepost that helps you get to success.  


Browse Solutions by Industry

At iBovi we provide comprehensive Staffing, Consulting, and Managed IT Cybersecurity services catering to the needs and requirements of various businesses across the globe. We provide cost -effective and long-term solutions for a variety of industries. You can browse through our solutions which empower businesses across industries to achieve their strategic goals. 

Banking & Finance

Proven solutions for businesses to be more complaint, secure & efficient.  

Travel & Hospitality

Secure critical data of your clients and be sufficient to provide enriched customer experience. 

Manufacturing & Industrial

Streamline business processes and manage workload with well-tailored solutions. 

Health Care Life Science

IBovi solutions for Heath Care & Life Sciences service providers to focus on enabling precision care. 

Government Public Sector

Services designed assisting Gov. agencies solve compliance challenges.

Construction & Demolition

Staffing solutions to meet the demands of projects with strict deadlines and budgets. 

Legal Solution

Fully secured and managed services for Legal Services providers to meet the regulatory requirements. 

Aerospace & Aviation

Solution with which companies can redefine and alter the futuristic space market segment.

Educational & Training

Facilitate teaching and learning in the EdTech sector with simplified IT operations. 

Together, we can make a world of difference

Every day people are hacked, businesses are destroyed, and sensitive data from both the person and the business are stolen and sold on the internet. All the while businesses struggle to build the basic infrastructure to get to market. Together we can make a world of difference by building secure systems, websites and software we can help businesses get to market in a safe and secure way.  

Happy Businessman

Browse Solutions by Technology

iBovi enables businesses to make use of managed services in conjunction with technology to help them communicate information more effectively. Technology comes with complexities and can be overwhelming, but our exceptional solutions aim to simplify technology for your business to reduce the likelihood of errors and fast-made decisions. We let you focus on core elements while we make sure your business stays ahead by leveraging technology, thus making your operations efficient and consistent. 



Communicate better with partners or customers by using cloud-based technology for support and sales. 

Google Cloud Platform


With Google's Cloud Platform services, such as data management, increase agility and performance. 

Web Application Firewall (WAF)


Protect online applications by filtering and keeping track of HTTP traffic with Web Application Firewall. 

Amazon Web Solution (AWS)


Ensure functionality and security with the comprehensive Amazon Web Solutions services.



Data integration software and services for businesses across various industries with Informatica. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

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SIEM Solutions Automation & Orchestration


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Browse Solutions by Security Regulations

Our powerful and efficient solutions for security regulations exist to help protect businesses from data breaches, thus building secure systems with well-protected infrastructures. We help businesses to comply with quality, security, and financial regulations. Our advanced solution will protect your business from fraud and theft and ensure the safety of your workers. You can stay stress-free as our expert compliance consultants will assist you to meet and surpass industry compliance standards. 



Keep your customer card data secure and comply with payment card industry compliance 



Deploy a cyber-resilient framework for the security of the North American power system. 



Ensure a consistent level of service quality and comply with international standards.  



Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation Law for EU & EEA by protecting critical data.  



Protect sensitive patient health data from disclosure. Comply with Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

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Check Our Latest Certifications 

As one of the largest players in providing high-end and technologically advanced solutions, we comply with all regulatory requirements. We are certified by major regulatory bodies and recognized organizations making us one of the most trusted service providers in the marketplace. 


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