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Your Data Is Your Power, And it Needs To Be Protected

Cyber security isn’t easy, but it comes down to three basic principles – protect, detect and respond.

Why Cybersecurity Is Important For Law Associations?

Today, law firms have become increasingly vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks. As you deal with sensitive client information, you are a prime target for hackers. Don’t be a victim, be prepared for cybercrime. 


How To Know If You've Been Hacked!

Don't ignore these signs! Find out how to recognize if you've been hacked and take the next steps to protect your information.

You receive a ransomware/fake antivirus message/ notification by someone you’ve been hacked 

Unfamiliar programs or toolbars added to your computer 

Your internet searches are redirected, you are getting random pop-ups or error messages

Your username and password no longer work

You observe unexpected software installs

You’re Anti-Virus Program, Firewall, Task Manager or Registry Editor is disabled

Unauthorized charges on your credit or bank statement.

Your private data has been leaked and your login information has been compromised. 

Activity in your online accounts from an unfamiliar IP address, strange network traffic patterns 

How Can We Protect You From Hackers? 

Without adequate cybersecurity measures, your firm may suffer serious financial losses due to data breaches, reputational harm, loss of client trust, and government fines and sanctions, potential legal liability for negligence if your clients suffer losses due to a breach. Let us help you stay a step ahead with our strategic solutions. 

Email Protection

This is your personal email manager; this powerful AI tool protects you against spam and dangerous emails protecting you from all email-borne risks so that your inbox and email communication are secure. 


Alerts for potentially malicious emails. 


Encrypt outgoing emails. 


Stop the influx of spam emails into your inbox. 


Attachments scanning for malware. 


Prevent hacking, ransomware attacks and data breaches.


Protection against phishing emails and scams. 

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of firms with 9 or fewer employees suffered a data breach


of firms with under 10 – 49 employees suffered a data breach


of firms with between 50 – 99 employees suffered a data breach

Prevention Is Better Than Cure. Stop Hackers Before Its Too Late.

We have different packages to cater to firms of every size, however, each of them includes protections that can extend from the office to the home office and your mobile computing devices, so you can work anywhere with confidence in your data's security.

*These packages are exclusively for the Bar Associations. Check out our other plans for individuals and businesses, visit here.


We have developed exclusive cybersecurity plans for Bar Associations that incorporate the latest tools and best solutions for protecting your clients and data.