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Cybersecurity Monitoring Service

24/7 monitoring of all logs, devices, events, and login attempts with advanced threat detection and prevention to maintain an optimal level of network security. 

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Why Do You Need 24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring? 

The amount of data that is stored has rapidly increased and so has the number of security threats to breach the data. All networks, systems, and devices can be open to attacks if there is delay in preventative action making 24/7 monitoring a necessity.

Cybersecurity Monitoring for User Protection
Cybersecurity Monitoring For Mobile Devices
Cybersecurity Monitoring for Cloud Security


Cybersecurity Monitoring For Workstations

• Daily operations require a fully operational network. Up to $9,000 per minute in financial losses might be incurred due to downtime. 

• Anyone who owns or uses a workstation is susceptible to a cyberattack at any time as cybercriminals want access to it badly.  


Cybersecurity Monitoring For Mobile Devices

• Mobile devices store sensitive information that can be transmitted by laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other portable devices.

• Potential threats to mobile devices include malicious mobile apps, phishing scams, data leakage, spyware, and unsecured Wi-Fi networks.


Cybersecurity Monitoring for Cloud Security

• It is important to check the uptime, health, and performance of cloud services and applications hosted in AWS, Azure, GCP & Digital Ocean. 

• For people who use the cloud, storage and sharing has become easy but is your stored data really safe or the access to your shared resource is controlled? 


Cybersecurity Monitoring for User Protection

• Our identities are online, we live online, from credit agencies to our workplaces to the social media platforms that we use every day, we need to stay safe online.

• Cyberattacks, hacks, & scams threaten users of internet and devices as they can steal your personal information including account details through spam emails or websites.

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IBovi's Transparent Cybersecurity Monitoring Process 

Our 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring service is a transparent process with comprehensive steps to collect the logs, check them for security risks and send alerts to remediate them.

Data Collection

Data Collection  

Gathering Logs/Data from Multiple Sources such as Firewalls, Endpoints, Desktops, Emails, VPN, Antivirus Logs, Cloud Service Providers, Mobile Device Log Retention, Web Proxy Logs, etc. & Assembling Them.

Data Parsing and Normalization

Data Parsing & Normalization

Collected data is converted from one format to another to make it more comprehensible. The data is normalized or organized to make it appear similar across all records and fields.

Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation

The data goes into a unified funnel where all the logs are now correlated enabling analysts to access and examine large amounts of data in a reasonable time frame.

Event Correlation

Event Correlation

Data from all of the network's applications, systems, and devices are examined to find security threats and malicious behavior patterns that would otherwise go undetected and could compromise the system or cause data loss.



An alert is created as part of the alerting mechanism. Based on the alerts, tickets are generated for issues and cybersecurity professionals are assigned to do a review.

Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation

The cybersecurity professionals analyze the risk severity and accordingly a forensic investigation is scheduled. The forensic team identifies and records the cause, progression, and effects of a security incident. 



Once the forensic analysis of the evidence is done, the incident is reported followed by the response process. The issue will be remediated, contained, and eradicated to ensure other devices are protected. 

Hear About Us From Our Customers

At iBovi we believe in giving you the best service experience possible. See what valuable customers are saying about us. 

" From my experience, I should say that it is surprising to see how effectively iBovi Strategic Cybersecurity can achieve to provide an excellent experience to their customers with limited resources in time. They go beyond their expectation and deliver further than what others do. Love it. "

Rob Mcguine
(Sr Product Manager)

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A Complete Security Solution

As part of our comprehensive cyber security plan, we offer 24/7 cyber security monitoring services so that you can rest assured that your systems and networks are well-protected.

Well Protected Networks

Well-Protected Networks  

Get the much-needed peace of mind with cutting-edge cybersecurity monitoring services to identify risks, establish solutions, and put best practices and systems in place ensuring well protected networks. 

Around the Clock Monitoring

Around-the-Clock Monitoring 

With our 24/7 real time monitoring and incident response you can maximize protection, prevent and detect malware, ransomware and other threats. 


All-in-One Security Experience 

Threats can be quickly identified and countered thanks to our skilled cybersecurity professionals, cutting-edge network and endpoint technologies, and latest threat intelligence. 


Strengthen Your Security With Cybersecurity Monitoring

Get advanced protection and response with our multilevel threat detection and comprehensive monitoring. Avail of our cybersecurity services now. 


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