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Malware Detection Service

iBovi's Malware Detection Service provides comprehensive protection against malicious software and viruses. Our service is designed to detect and eliminate threats in real-time, ensuring your system is always safe.

​Malware Detection Service

The Devastating Impacts Of Malware Attacks

Malware is malicious software that can cause damage to computers, networks, and data. It can be spread through downloads, emails, and other forms of communication. Malware can have several different impacts, ranging from a minor annoyance to a serious security breach.

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Malware Detection Services
Loss of Data

Loss of Data

• Malware can delete, corrupt, or steal data, which can be devastating for businesses and individuals. It can be used to get access to sensitive data, like passwords or financial records. 

• In some cases, criminals may use malware to gain access to a network, allowing them to steal confidential information or commit other cybercrime. 

Financial Impacts

Financial Impacts 

• Malware can also have a financial impact. Some malwares, such as ransomware, is designed to hold a system or data hostage until a ransom is paid.

• This can be disastrous for businesses, as they may be unable to operate without their systems or data. 

System Instability

System Instability

• Malware can slow down or crash systems, making them difficult to use. It can also disrupt services, leading to outages or denial of service attacks.

• Malware can also create backdoors, allowing attackers to gain access to a system without authorization. 

Operational Disruption

Operational Disruption

• Malware attacks can also lead to operational disruptions. If a system is infected, it can take days or even weeks to get back up and running.

• Data that is unavailable due to hacker attacks, server failure, or network theft may be corrupted, damaged, or stolen.

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What Makes iBovi’s Malware Detection Service Stands Out?

With advanced scanning techniques to detect and block malicious software, our malware detection service is easy to use and is supported by 24/7 technical assistance so that you can confidently protect your devices from any malicious software. 

Detects a wide range

Detects a wide range of malicious software, including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, and spyware.

Artificial Intelligence

Uses advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and block malicious code.


Combination of antiviruses for threat modeling, determining objectives, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures in order to mitigate the impact of threats 

Regular updates

Regular updates to ensure that the latest and advanced malware threats are detected. 

Scans and detects

Scans and detects hidden malware on the network, as well as provide detailed reports on the threats detected.

Used to protect both

Used to protect both personal and corporate mobile devices and workstations. 

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The Benefits of Investing in Malware Detection Service

Using iBovi’s malware detection service is an important security measure to take when protecting your assets. It will provide you with a heightened level of security against malware threats and its impacts. Here’s how

Extra Layer of Security

Extra Layer of Security 

Malware Detection Solutions provide an extra layer of security for your devices by scanning for known malware and alerting you to any potential threats. 

Real-Time Protection

Real Time Protection 

Get real-time protection against new threats. As new malware is created, it will be notified, detected and blocked immediately, reducing the risk of a successful attack on your system. 

Identify and Remove Malware

Identify & Remove Malware 

Identify and remove existing malware from your system. Scan for known malicious software and get alerts for any potential threats, removing the malicious software and protecting from further attacks.

Hear About Us From Our Customers

Customers have put their invaluable trust in us, and their feedback speaks for us. 

" From my experience, I should say that it is surprising to see how effectively iBovi Strategic Cybersecurity can achieve to provide an excellent experience to their customers with limited resources in time. They go beyond their expectation and deliver further than what others do. Love it. "

Rob Mcguine
(Sr Product Manager)


Be Assured & Secured With Advanced Malware Detection

Protect your mobile devices, systems, and networks from malware threats! Sign up for our malware detection service today and get peace of mind knowing your digital assets are secure. 


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