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Log Retention Service 

Using iBovi's Log Retention Service you can keep track of the logs for a system or application which is important and beneficial for troubleshooting, compliance, and security. Users can also do a retrospective analysis of system performance and behavior. Learn more about log retention

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Why Do You Need To Use Log Retention Service?

Log retention is an essential part of any organization’s data security policy as they are the records of activity within a system and can provide valuable insight into the user activity of the systems. Without a log retention service, organizations are missing out on valuable data. See how

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Log Retention Service
Lack of Security .png

Lack of Security 

• Logs contain information about user activity which can be used to detect security threats and malicious activity. 

• Without a log retention service, organizations are left without the data they need to protect their systems. 

Compliance Issues.png

Compliance Issues

• Logs are often required to organizations to ensure their processes are secure and compliant with industry regulations 

• Without a log retention service, organizations may not be able to provide the necessary evidence to meet these requirements.  

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Risk of Data Loss

• Logs can provide insight into system behavior and can alert organizations to potential data loss. 

• Without a log retention service, organizations may not be able to detect when data is being compromised and take the necessary steps to protect it.  

Lack of Visibility.png

Lack of Visibility

• Event logs offer crucial information about the system and network activity. 

• Without log retention service, cybersecurity teams are unable to monitor system and network activity within a company, identify any suspicious activity, or flag system vulnerabilities. 

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What Are The Defining Features Of Log Retention Service?

iBovi’s Log Retention Services supports the business’s digital infrastructure, ensuring the security of the data and systems. When it comes to log retention, there are several features that you can make use of to better manage and protect your business’s data. Here’s a look

Log Correlation.png

Log Correlation 

Scanning of incoming logs for logical progressions, patterns, and values among individual raw log events to determine security threats and act and verify the efficiency of the security measures. 

Log Ingestion .png

Log Ingestion 

Formatting and uploading log data from external sources, such as hosts, applications, and cloud-based logging services, to make log data searchable and usable for data analysis. 

Log Enrichment .png

Log Enrichment 

Connecting to various enrichment sources, including DNS, LDAP, GeoIP, and CSV, to add information to logs and use that information to define policies and other operational needs.

Automated Retention

Automated Retention 

Logs are stored in a secure, centralized location and can be accessed anytime so organizations to quickly identify anomalies and make informed decisions about their security posture.

Comprehensive Analysis .png

Comprehensive Analysis 

Comprehensive analysis of logs, for organizations to identify trends or patterns in the data and take corrective action against suspicious activities. 

Data Security

Data Security 

Advanced data security measures to ensure that logs remain secure and confidential. This includes encryption, data masking, and other measures to protect against unauthorized access. 



Detailed auditing capabilities, so organizations can track and monitor user activity, identify suspicious behavior, and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Our Customer Testimonials 

At iBovi we believe in giving you the best service experience possible. See what our valued customers are saying about us.

" From my experience, I should say that it is surprising to see how effectively iBovi Strategic Cybersecurity can achieve to provide an excellent experience to their customers with limited resources in time. They go beyond their expectation and deliver further than what others do. Love it. "

Rob Mcguine
(Sr Product Manager)

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The Benefits of Log Retention Service for Your Business

Log retention services are a critical component of any organization’s security infrastructure, helping to ensure the safety and security of data and systems. Log retention services have many others benefits too

Improve Security Posture 

Keep track of who has access to your logs and ensure that they are not tampered with. Protect your data from unauthorized access and improve your security. 

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IBovi's Log Retention Services are highly scalable so organizations can easily increase/decrease their log retention requirements as needed without investing in additional hardware/software. 

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Ensure Compliance 

By leveraging the features of log retention services, organizations can better audit their systems, ensure their processes are secure and be compliant with applicable regulations.

Ensure Compliance

Get Started With Log Retention Services 

If you're not doing log retention, you're leaving yourself open to a data loss event, compliance and security issues, to begin with. IBovi's got you covered! Our Log Retention Service will take care of your logs. Talk to our experts to know more. 


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